Sideshow Tramps - Lady Vodka

from by Various Artists

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I had a girlfriend her name was Latka
and she would keep me well supplied with vodka
and when the cold damp would make my feet stamp
she would warm my weary bones with vodka

Vodka vodka have another little kiss of Lady Vodka
and when I've had that, I'll have another
another little kiss of lady vodka

And i would lie there with darling Latka
On a palate made of pillows on the floor
and i would motion to darling Latka
and she would rise up from the bed and bar the door

and i would lay there in Latka's warm hair
and she would quote to me from Chekhov and from Keats
and then in silence and a blank stare
i would push her gently down into the sheets

and so I'd tarry with darling Latka
making love before a dancing candelabra
and i petitioned Latka for a
Menage a' trois with she and me and Lady Vodka

and lady vodka would speak to me there
she would run her burning fingers down my chest
and she would say there, you know that I'm fare
and only i can be the one you love the best

and darling Latka slept like a queen
her body glistening in candle light
and Lady Vodka with a plot mean
bid me up and out into the night

and she did taunt, and she did titter
and she did drive me by the lake into the barn
and with suggestions cruel and bitter
she began to weave her wicked yarn

she said twas women that made man fall
and with many other words did she accuse
and she pointed to the barn wall
and showed to me the tools that i would use

with splitting brain and hands of lead
i went back to the cottage and the bed
beside Latka and the hearth flame
i saw my trembling shadow on her frame

and i knelt there, beside the bed there
and gently i began to stroke her hair
and i said Latka, your heart is fickle
and i killed her with a hammer and a sickle

before dawn, in snowy glen
a barrel full of concrete and sin
like a snowflake, sinks in the lake
and then the laughing voice of Lady Vodka...


from Honky Tonk Blood Soundtrack, released January 11, 2011



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Honky Tonk Blood Houston, Texas

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